Try A Variety Of Things: Penticton Restaurants

Penticton Restaurants

I live alone. This is sometimes seen as an advantage, and other times seen as a disadvantage. I don’t enjoy living by myself, but it is the only option that I have at this time. I’ve had too many bad experiences with roommates to want to open up my home for rent. This leaves me with living alone as my only option for the moment. Nights are normally pretty boring around my house.

Once in a while, though I get up the courage and call a friend over or ask them to go out with me for the night. Penticton restaurants always provide entertainment on some of the otherwise boring nights. There is plenty of different types of restaurants to choose from, and it is possible to never go to the same place twice. Leaving town in an option to find new and exciting places, but it is not necessary with all the options available.

Penticton restaurants are such high quality that it is possible to visit the same restaurants over and over without getting bored of the food. One of the highest rated Penticton restaurants is an Indian place downtown. They have the most beautiful paintings on their walls and had traditional Indian music playing in the background.

The food is excellent quality and they had a large variety of options to choose from. Most of the options involved curry, but a few options were things that are not normally expected. The most unexpected is a rose milk drink. Many people do not normally think about drinking flowers and those with a more adventurous spirit may feel inclined to try it.

It is absolutely delicious. It is pink and served on ice. It tastes almost like a melted milkshake with the slight aftertaste of rose. Rose tastes very similar to just a generic plant, so most individuals think it is interesting that the restaurant owners were able to make this drink taste so sweet and appealing.

The other unexpected treat is the samosas. Samosas are very similar to pot stickers or dumplings. They are deep fried and filled with potatoes, spices and peas. Most of the regulars at the Indian restaurant order about three samosas for every person visiting. They are the most popular treat.

Another favorite Penticton restaurant is French themed. The inside of the restaurant is decorated similarly to a jazz club. The walls are brick, but the atmosphere is cozy. There are instruments lining the walls and beautiful paintings of French landscapes. There aren’t a lot of traditional French foods on the menu, but there is a lot of New Orleans inspired dishes.

The town favorite is the gumbo. It is the perfect amount of spicy and savory. It is absolutely comforting on the cold, windy days that that many town locals decide to go out to eat, and there are testimonials lining the walls that all claim to have enjoyed all of the different flavors.

There are noodles, sausage, chicken, and a variety of vegetables that complement each other so perfectly that many of the guests don’t realize that they eat so much of the soup until it is already gone. Most immediately order another bowl and decide to slowly and consciously savor that bowl until it is gone.

The service is perfect and many reviews claim to have enjoyed every moment that they spent in one of the Penticton restaurants. Adventure is an important aspect of going out to eat. Eating the same things day after day can be boring, not to mention not very nutritionally wise. Penticton restaurants offer a wide variety of foods and atmospheres to choose from.

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