Tips for Keeping Office Lunch Healthy and Affordable

Office Lunch

Lunching at work is of utmost importance. Naturally, as we work through half of the day, they physical and mental activities our bodies endure put a strain on our overall performance. In such an instance, eating a healthy lunch helps to replenish some of our already depleted nourishment, and also keeps us going through the second half of the day.

Having said that, a number of people tend to spend a bit too much without actually realizing that they’re probably spending more than half of their salary on their office lunch. Here are five tips for a healthy and affordable office lunch you should consider – and skipping isn’t one of them.

Last night’s leftovers

One of the easiest ways to keeping office lunch healthy and affordable is using up what’s left from last night’s dinner table. Homemade food is generally healthier than greasy take outs unless of course you’re served butter chicken gravies with enough oil in them to get the US army’s attention. But what serves as a huge perk is the fact that you don’t have to pay an extra buck for your lunch the next day technically making it a free lunch for office.

Avoid junk food take outs and deliveries

Junk food take outs and deliveries are probably the most common lunch that a lot of office going people opt for. Well, you have to admit; it is addictive, tastes finger lickin’ good and it’s very affordable in value meals specially priced for the working class. But the cost of having your favorite burger meal every day can pretty much go over the top and throw off your weekly or monthly budget. Not to mention, junk food is everything but healthy – from the more obvious risk of toxic food poisoning, to building chronic heart disease, obesity diabetes, colon cancer – the list just gets bigger and unhealthier!

Toss in a salad

A selection of vegetables and fruits, diced and tossed in a readymade dressing is of course a very healthy option for your office lunch. Vegetarian food is rich in high quality carbs such as vitamins and antioxidants that enhance your immune system and reduce the risk of cancer in later ages, and also a rich source of soluble dietary fiber that keeps you stuffed and your bowel movements smooth. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to buy a week’s supply of fruits and veggies in a lot less than what you would be spending on ordering take outs making a bowl of salad refreshingly affordable.

Make a budget

If you’re not taking your lunch from home, then the best way to work on the affordability of your office lunch is by planning a weekly or monthly budget. This a really good tip if you’ve got a fixed amount of money going in bills and rentals, or even if you’re a student working on smart savings while in college if you’re working part time. Once you know how much money you should be spending on your lunch per day, it’ll be easier for you to weigh the options of what’s on your plate even better.

The lunch pool

And if you’re still keen on ordering in, then pool in. Chinese and Indian take outs still are a bit greasy than their homemade versions, but they’re more wholesome a meal than trashy burgers and fries. And usually they’re served in a quantity that is just about sufficient for at least to people. So, instead of going solo, pool in with a colleague to split the cost in half or pay in turns to make office lunch a lot more affordable than eating alone. You could also use that time for some exciting office gossip.

So what’s in your lunch box today?

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