The More the Merrier at Little Red Pocket

Cocktail Bar

Celebrations won’t click if you only have two or three companions coming with you, it’s just like the casual get together where you can hang out and then when there’s nothing to talk about anymore bid adieu. The more people you invite to celebrate with you especially if your budget allows it, the enjoyable your day or night will be.

With large functions like group get together, personal events, company events, even team building at that, or hanging out with the whole adult family, then you need to find a place that will cater to this need.

But this is not the only factor that will help you choose, the establishment should also cater to good food, good drinks, good ambience as well to complete the package.


Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar, in Melbourne Australia is the talk of the town. It doesn’t only satisfy the cravings for Japanese dishes and drinks, because it is what they serve here, but also an assortment of entertainment that any group would enjoy.

The establishment offers a variety of choices for function events, they have food and beverage packages that you can avail, transportation services that could transport your group in style including a party bus if you’d like, they also have what they call a Hen’s Party for lovely ladies who want to party and wanting some strip excitement for the night.

Men will not be excluded, you can be provided with the finest drinks available from the Royal Dragon Package serving exquisite vodka, signature shots and a platter of food. The Little Red Pocket is functionally prepared to hold events, you won’t have to worry about the sound systems, or materials to bring for meeting presentations, they could also provide and have Visual presentation tools for slideshows and AV needs.

Events need space and all you have to do is choose from the 4 function rooms that Little Red Pocket has. They have the Tokyo zone, where you’ll feel like a King, you don’t have to do anything but wait to be served, spacious enough for standing as well if you want to roam around the room talking to your guests.

There’s the Bonsai Table ideal for a group of friends who want to catch up on the latest gossip or just talk up the good old days. More Japanese, then choose their Cherry Blossom function area with a side of Sake to go with the Japanese mood. And lastly, just want to let go and appreciate the view, then you’re welcome to their balcony. Relax have fun and surely you’ll be taken care of.

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