Prepare Cheap Picture Wedding Invitations Yourself

Picture Wedding Invitations

Wedding occasion entails great amount of money for arrangements which disturbs your budget. However, you can save your money by preparing wedding invitation kits yourself. This homemade kit will consume half of ready made wedding invitation kit.

It is really a fun to do it yourself wedding invitation kit and add glamor, uniqueness and personal touch in your cheap picture wedding invitation kits. Cheap picture wedding invitations can be made through jacket, single panel and self mailer style.

Jacket style kit provides you the opportunity to do it yourself wedding invitation kit. In this style, you only need to snuggle the invitation in a jacket. Laser cut paper or translucent vellum can be used to prepare a jacket.

Select some unique words for invitation and take the print of them on colored fine papers. Place your spouse’s or your own picture at the background of wedding invitations. Put the invitation on the jacket, tie ribbon and mail the cheap picture wedding invitations.

Single panel is wedding invitation kit without having any jacket. It is a single card that is embellished in a certain way to attract the audience. You can draw a gold border on the margins, off white and ivory center or deckle the card to have torn edge appearance. Take the print on this paper and mail it. You can do it yourself wedding invitation kit with simplicity and elegance.

Self mailer is also a type of cheap picture invitation kit. You can print your invitation cards along with your picture and paste it on envelope shaped folded jacket. After that you can print RSVP card, address the jacket and mail it. These cheap picture wedding invitations will save your time and money.

However, cheap cards do not mean that you sacrifice the quality of wedding invitation kits. They can be cheap in terms of money but they should not look low quality, shabby or cheap. You can make stylish, unique and wonderful invitations in the amount you can afford. Cheap picture wedding invitations with good quality can be printed and afterwords decorated with good aesthetic sense.

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