Organic Medjool Dates and Civilization

Organic Medjool Dates

Dates are one among the most popular fruits included with rich amount of essential nutrients. The specialty of the date fruits is they can be stored for a long period of time. Hence by having dates people can ensure a staple food.

Since ancient days, date has a significant role in the people’s life. Without this fruit people would have not survived in many situations. People who were in the desert preferred this fruit to thrive. The palm tree is mentioned as the tree of life in the bible. It is because the tree had given everything to the people. People used palm tree to build their home, furniture, baskets, hats, utensils etc. Most importantly it is been their source for food. Like that the palm tree and dates were very helpful in the people’s living. Even it is the responsible for the western civilization.  The propagation of dates is very imperative for the North Africa and Middle East governments.

Still many people depend on the date fruits for survival. A lifetime of a palm orchard is about 150 years hence two generations of a family can have a source for their food. The date fruit is not only a food but also a rich source of essential health nutrients. In the Ramadan, the Islam people will break their fasting by eating dates. It is because, dates can provide the energy instantly and also it will prepare the stomach to receive more foods. Hence they will not have any problem while taking the other food items. Similarly eating dates can provide more health benefits.

There are different varieties in the dates and Medjool is one among them. Medjool is considered to be the king of dates. It is very popular for its juicy flesh, sweetness and size. Moreover it is the most expensive date variety in the market. Medjool Dates can be taken as a snack or a flavoring element in many food items.

The Organic Medjool Dates are the good source for fiber and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese. As Medjool is having very considerable amount of sugar, it can be a better caloric dessert. In the Middle East, people who travel use to take this fruit since they include essential nutrients and provide lot of energy. The Medjool dates can be taken as an independent food otherwise it can also be consumed along with breads, cheese and crackers etc. As the fruit is large is size some people would put almonds or walnuts inside the date and eat. Similarly people can add small pieces of chocolate, savory meats and do some creativity.

Generally the dates will be treated before serving, but in the case of Medjool there is no need of such things. The taste of the Medjool dates will be like caramel and also sometimes it will taste like the combination of cinnamon and honey. However the Whole Fresh Dates can be used in the different recipes. Even it is used with meat dishes to add sweetness.

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