Food Matters: How Healthy is Healthy Food?

Healthy Food

Healthy foods have always been promoted by both medical professionals and self-taught guru who wants to make people achieve a healthier and far better disposition in life. However, not all people understand what healthy food really means. Restaurants and fast foods are offering “healthy food” choices as they say to promote their goods, but research shows that homemade dinners are best when it comes to delivering healthy meals. Somewhere along the line, you even hear the word balanced diet and you confuse that with healthy food. So how healthy is healthy?

What healthy food really means

It’s a bit confusing when you read about red meat (like beef) being unhealthy and then the next time that you visit another page, you read about it being healthy. That’s pretty confusing especially if you are serious about being healthy. So how do you mean by healthy food?

According to the dictionary, healthy or health food is “any food that is good for you”. That’s to say, these healthy foods should be rich in vitamins, with high fiber content, helps you reduce the risk of diseases and promote an overall feeling of well-being.

So that’s it.

But which foods are the healthiest? If we are to regard the way energy is transferred to and the concentration of nutrients, the best food choices would be plants. Veggies and fruits are the best when it comes to choosing what’s healthy but you can’t simply live on fruits and vegetables alone. You have to have protein sources too at the right amount. But how less is less and how more is more?

The Food Pyramid VS the Healthy Food Plate

Long ago, when you were just a child you were taught that to know the right kinds of food for you to eat, you have to refer to the Food Pyramid, which holds true for traditional dieticians. However, the food pyramid shows us that foods shown at the bottom of the pyramid should be more in our diet and less and less as the pyramid goes on higher.

But then, you don’t always eat in front of that food pyramid and you surely don’t want to memorize everything in there and keep at it always every time you take a meal. What’s more, you don’t know exactly how many servings of those foods placed in the food pyramid should be placed in your plate right? That’s why the US government changed the use of the food pyramid to a more practical food plate.

The difference? The food plate shows you exactly what and how much you should eat to promote healthy eating. It’s the actual representation of a typical meal that you should eat every day. Your food plate should be at most composed of vegetables, fruits should be more, whole grains should make up a quarter of your plate while the rest should be made up of protein sources; beans, fish, poultry, nuts, and/or lean meat. You could do with a cup of tea, coffee and go on with the recommended eight glasses of water a day or more if you wish.

The verdict? Following the healthy food plate is much easier in determining the healthy food plan you wish you eat rather than looking at the food pyramid.

Healthy food and balanced diet

Healthy is not synonymous to balanced. But to achieve a healthy and balanced diet, you have to eat the right amounts of healthy foods and stay active for that matter. You can go on having a plate full of a healthy meal complete with go, grow and glow foods but without exercise, you will not be able to able to harness the benefits of those foods. Make sure that you tone and grow your muscles by exercising and keeping active every day.

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