Finding Constipation Remedies For Babies

When a baby starts to cry we put all we are doing on hold and attend to them. The first thing we do is to check their diapers and then feed them, occasionally play with them and hope that this will stop the crying. But what if they haven’t had bowel movement in a while and the crying persists.

Well any parent after making sure it is neither of the above nor lack of sleep will check the baby’s temperature but, hold on, before you take your child to the hospital, gently place your hand on the baby’s stomach it is tense then there is a high chance that the baby is constipated.

Again with your hand still in the babies stomach check for any hard stool usually in the lower abdomen. If you feel any bump then it time for some baby constipation remedies.

The first remedy is to give your baby a bath. Reason being constipation causes a vicious cycle for children. When a baby’s stool becomes hard and large, it may hurt the baby causing cracks to appear and sometimes even bleed.

As a result the may hold the stool for fear of pain making the constipation hard. Giving the baby a bath will make the baby more relaxed hence making it easier for the child to have bowel movement.

The second remedy is to give your baby a massage. Rub a generous amount of baby oil on your hands then start form the belly button. Gently massage in outward circles in a clockwise direction. If your baby is relaxed and enjoys the massage the do continue. However if the baby seems uncomfortable discontinue.

The last resort for constipation remedies is to check that you are mixing your baby’s formula correctly. You will find that children who breast feed do not get constipation, which is part of the reasons why a mother’s milk is best.

However, should you decide to put the child on formula milk, one should make sure you follow the mixing instructions to the latter. An advice to mothers who feed their children with formula is to stick to the same brand. This way, the mixing instructions will always be the same.

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