Fat – What you Need to Know

Fat – everyone is talking about it. Either people have too much fat, or they are concerned with the foods they eat having too much fat. An old wives tale used to indicate that eating fat would result in fat being added to your body – like the favorite location of your belly!

Of course hopefully nobody believes that any more with the research into body chemistry over the past few decades [yes decades!]. What you need to know about body fat can be summarized into a few topics that you can easily research on your own:

  • Fat is caused by storage of excess blood sugar [glucose]
  • Excess glucose can come from ingesting more calories than your body burns
  • Excess fat can be created in your cells by a spike in your insulin levels
  • Certain types of food can trigger somewhat unnatural insulin levels – resulting in excess fat being deposited in your cells

What many people don’t realize is that our modern diet results in your body storing fat when it doesn’t need to. The amazing learning is that by “modern diet” we’re not always talking about greasy fast food burgers – but even “healthy” foods like whole wheat bread, or that bran bagel you had this morning.

It is important to research and read information from a certified nutritionist around how your body processes specific foods. For example, reading the Diet Solution program you would learn about what grain products, and agricultural products in general, can do to your body.

Many food choices heavily publicized as being healthy for you can have adverse reactions in your body – and result in excess fat being stored when it shouldn’t. Grains, rice, dairy, and even healthy soy products aren’t always the best option for your body if you are trying to lose weight – or even simply feel healthier.

Nobody should accept the current recommended western diet – aka the food pyramid – as the absolute final say in a healthy diet. Every consumer should research how your body processes food, and determine what their meal plans should look like – after all, don’t you ever wonder about the prevalence of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer in a country that supposedly has a population educated on a “food pyramid”?

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