Cleaning the Filters to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub

After a long and tiring day, it is always wonderful to come home to have a relaxing bath. You definitely cannot deny the fact that it brings so much relaxation you can almost fall asleep while taking a nice soak.

As your special place of refuge, your hot tub deserves more than just an ordinary, surface cleaning. Because your tub takes care of you, don’t you think it’s logical enough to return the favor by caring for it too?

Residues can possibly build up in the filters of your used spa. These are normally from soap, calcium deposits, filtrates and chemicals used in maintain the pH of the hot tub water. The first thing to do is to drain and clean it thoroughly using cleaning solutions specially made for the filters.

A clean filter will greatly improve your spa’s performance resulting in more effective functioning of each part. Filters can also be blocked by other forms of debris and hair. So, you may want to remove these items from the filters too.

In cleaning used hot tubs, you can us chemicals such as chlorine (in granular or tablet forms) or bromine. Most hot tub owners prefer to use the latter because of milder or more tolerable odor.

Chlorine can gas off when the hot tub’s temperature starts to escalate, making it of lesser preference by hot tub users. You can also ask about substances that are mineral-based that are placed in cartridges. However this product may prove to be inferior compared to sanitizers and oxidizers.

You also have to learn how to remove traces of chorine or chemicals before using the hot tub. You may choose to use ozone substances or ozonators to reduce the amount of chlorine and bromine sanitizers. Ozonators function by oxidizing the chemicals, keeping the tub clean and ready for use anytime.

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