3 Things to Know when Buying a Grill

Before you purchase a grill there are 3 things to know. Mainly that there are 3 different types of grills and you have to know what your needs are before deciding which type you will buy. If you are the type that loves to go camping then you will  definitely need to invest in a portable grill.

The coleman roadtrip grill is one of the best ones out there. It folds up so easily you won’t even know that it is a grill you are dragging along. It is probably one of the most useful pieces of equipment you will need with you when going camping.

In the olden days, people wold use the old charcoal barbecues that took forever to cook. Since the invention of the gas grill that is not necessary any more.

At the opposite end of the spectrum of grills is the built in bbq. Built in grills are the height of luxury and they are certainly not for everyone. In order to have a built in grill you need to have the right kind of backyard and the right kind of landscaping for it.

If you have a tiny yard that is not very beautiful, you will not want to spend the money putting in a built in bbq in such a yard. If you have a new home or a beautifully landscaped yard, then built in bbq’s would fit in perfectly.

The third type of grill to know about is the typical gas grill. The sell these in many different places and you have endless choices. It can be kept in the garage over the winter or it can be kept outdoors with a plastic cover.

This is the type of grill that most people across America use. When I took a train trip up north a few moths ago during the winter, I saw every backyard that I passed on the way had a grill.

These were not expensive, large homes, but middle class homes that didn’t even have garages. The truth is, maybe they did have garages, but the grills were all outside in the backyards with plastic coverings over them.

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